Prepare for history in the making! We have some very exciting news for those who want to see the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket launch this Tuesday, Feb 6th. We have been authorized by Kennedy Space Center to sell a limited number of tickets to view the lift-off attempt from the Visitor’s Center Complex at Kennedy Space Center.

We are offering guests the exclusive option to take a ride with us to Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Complex to watch the SpaceX launch. In addition to privileged viewing access, enjoy all of the attractions at the Visitor Complex including the Rocket Garden, and watch a special launch commentary with SpaceX’s live video feed displayed throughout the complex.

The inaugural flight of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, targeted for Tuesday, February 6, 2018, is one of the most anticipated launches in recent history. We invite you to experience the awe and excitement just a few miles from the launch pad.

The launch window is 3 hours long, and we anticipate arriving at the park around 90 minutes in advance so guests are able to stake out their own viewing spot.

Pick up times are between 9:30 – 10:30 am at our main pick up locations only. We will return to Orlando immediately following either lift off or cancellation of the rocket launch attempt.

Please note on the day of the launch, on Tuesday there will be no bus tours on the complex as they will be preparing for the rocket that afternoon. All other attractions will remain open, however you must have a ticket for the SpaceX Rocket Launch. No other admission tickets will be allowed.

Pricing – Adults are priced at $109, Children 3-11, $99 BOOK NOW!